Captain America: Civil War is a 2016 American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Captain America.

In 1991, the brainwashed super-soldier James “Bucky” Barnes is dispatched from a Hydra base in Siberia to intercept an automobile carrying a case of super-soldier serum. In the present day, approximately one year after Ultron‘s defeat in the nation of Sokovia at the hands of the Avengers, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, and Wanda Maximoff stop Brock Rumlow from stealing a biological weapon from a lab in Lagos. Rumlow blows himself up to avoid capture, and when Maximoff tries to displace the blast into the sky with telekinesis, it destroys a nearby building, killing several Wakandan humanitarian workers.


What I loved about this movie is that it is quintessentially marvel. Its a good story that just happens to have a lot of interesting characters that is extremely well told. In the comics, the civil war conflict is about the problems caused by super powered people. In the movie, that plays second fiddle to the repercussions of past actions. I have to say it is quite enjoyable. What I love most is that the characters are not unnatural in how they interact. I don’t feel like the female characters were overly focused on. I like how they took the backlash about critics and others complaining about city wide destruction and used that to make this movie a mystery. It was good. This was a guys movie… It was just quintessentially cool… I think the action was good… the characters were good… the plot was good… to be honest with you… I didn’t see any weaknesses…

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