Bloodsport is a 1988 American martial arts film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Donald Gibb, Leah Ayres, and Bolo Yeung. It has since become a cult film.

U.S. Army Captain Frank Dux (pronounced “Dukes”), trained from his youth in the ways of Ninjutsu by Senzo Tanaka, honors his mentor by taking the place of Tanaka’s deceased son Shingo in the illegal Kumite martial-arts tournament. During his childhood, Dux and a group of friends invaded Tanaka’s home to steal a katana, but he was apprehended by Senzo and Shingo while attempting to return the katana to its display rack. Impressed by Dux’s honesty and lack of fear, Senzo had him train with Shingo in martial science. Following Shingo’s death, Senzo agreed to train Dux as a member of the Tanaka clan. When Dux’s superiors learn of his invitation to the Kumite, they refuse to let him go; in return, he goes AWOL, says goodbye to his mentor and leaves for Hong Kong. Two CID officers, Helmer and Rawlins, are summoned to track down and arrest Dux for desertion.


Bloodsport starts of as a movie about a deserter. As the movie unfolds, you learn more about his mission and his past. Also, the fights get bloodier and dirtier. It all culminates in a death and a hospitalization. Everything is a buildup to the last fight. The last fight is a great experience. Its all going well and then the bad guy turns the tides. We see Van Damme lose it and then his training kicks in. He does what he knows best. He digs down deep and wins. Thats why its a cult classic. Its rocky with kicks. Sorry for the blow by blow but there was no other way to relate the movie.

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