Hardcore Henry (also known as simply Hardcore) is a Russian-American science fiction action film.

Hardcore Henry is a first-person perspective action film, in which the audience sees everything through the eyes of Henry, who’s resurrected from the brink of death as a cybernetic super soldier that remembers nothing about his past. He is trying to save his wife Estelle, who has been kidnapped by Akan, a powerful warlord with a plan for bio-engineering soldiers. In the unfamiliar city of Moscow, Henry tries to avoid being killed while discovering the truth behind his identity.


This is one of those films that looks like it will influence a generation. It looks downright cool. The trailer is amazing. If you go and watch this movie. Don’t watch it for some emotional story. Watch it because you just want to see something different but actiony. If this works… then this will be the style of B-movies from now on. If it does not then it will be sadly remembered… with well something…

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