Constantine is a 2005 supernatural action-thriller film.

The film portrays John Constantine as a cynic with the ability to perceive and communicate with half-angels and half-demons in their true form. He seeks salvation from eternal damnation in Hell for a suicide attempt in his youth. Constantine exorcises demons back to Hell in a bid to earn favor with Heaven but has become weary over time. With death looming, he helps a troubled police detective learn the truth about her sister’s death while simultaneously unraveling a much larger and darker plot.


What I loved about Constantine was the all pervasive dark mood. The fact that he was a hero doing what was right with mixed feelings. A very realistic idea of what a hero is. The politics of heaven and hell are quite interesting. The special effects even by todays standards are still quite good. The angst is just so cool. I love the way he plays the long game. If you like your comic book movies a bit dark then this one is definitely worth a watch…

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