The Mexico Trilogy or Mariachi Trilogy (also Desperado Trilogy ) is a series of American/Mexican action filmsEl Mariachi, Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico—all written, produced and directed by Robert Rodriguez, and distributed by Columbia Tristar. All three films tell the continuing story of its main character, El Mariachi (portrayed by Carlos Gallardo and Antonio Banderas).

El Mariachi tells the story of an out-of-work musician, known simply as El Mariachi (Carlos Gallardo), traveling through Mexico. He arrives in a small border town, hoping to find work in some of the local cantinas and clubs. Unfortunately for the man, local hoodlums mistake him for a recently escaped convict who has been hunting down his former associates with a guitar case filled with weapons.

Desperado continues El Mariachi’s (now portrayed by Antonio Banderas) quest for revenge where he finds a new love and quenches his thirst for revenge.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico revolves around a failed coup attempt on the President of Mexico wherein El Mariachi is the hero who saves him. El Mariachi also seeks revenge on the murderer who killed his wife.


These films are bloody, gory and just plain awesome. If you are a guy with hair on your chest then this one is for you. Truly awesome. Watch this over a good meal. This truly hits the spot and then some…

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