This is a review of the spiderman trilogy running from 2002 through 2007. Of all the spiderman film incarnations, I believe these three to be the best. In the first outing, we cemented Peter Parker as the every man. He showed us it doesn’t take much to do much.
In the second, we see Parker feeling the pressure of being Spiderman. Eventually, he completely accepts his responsibility and saves the day. In the third, spiderman meets his enemies and discovers his dark side. Not a bad movie, many interesting ideas and a good introduction to relationship troubles for Parker.

Compared to the trilogy, the next two outings were uninspired. The first one had spiderman causing the death of his girlfriends father. The second one had spiderman killing his girlfriend. I know they were trying to mix it up… but it just didn’t work for me…  Spiderman kills two people…  NO… NOOOOO!!!!!

I hope the reins are returned to Sam Raimi. Say what you want… It was a fun take on the character…

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